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And now for the details

The SPE 330 final is available now for download. We will be discussing this tonight in class, in detail.  Remember you all signed group contracts and can enforce them upon your group members so long as you keep me in the loop.

Download:  spe-330-final

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SPE 330: preparing for the final

Can you believe the semester’s nearly over? Counting today we have 5 more classes.

For your final, your group will engage in an in-depth problem-solving project. I am providing a list of problems you may pick from, however your group may elect to come up with a variation from the list or a unique problem not listed. More details on the final as well as time to work on it will happen next week. This is a very structured project and there will be many specific details you will have to pay attention to. In other words, be there next week!

Your immediate task: Review this list and make note of which topics interest you/would be best for your group to explore. Topics are a first come, first serve deal so if your group feels strongly about a topic, let me know ASAP so I can remove it as an option.

These topics are limited to the college campus and Buffalo area, but you are welcome to explore other options.

Academic Advising: Analysis and Recommendations

Brain Drain, Buffalo Area: How Can the Area Better Retain College Graduates? Why Do So Many Leave, What Would Make Them Want to Stay?

Campus Recycling: What is being done? Can it be done better?

Campus Safety: Problems and Recommendations

Credit Cards: Should colleges give or sell our names and addresses? What can we do? Should credit card companies even be allowed on area campuses?

Expansion and Construction at Medaille: Do we need an expansion; if so, what do we need?

Dining Services: Analysis (Adequacy and Nutritionality) and Recommendations

Drunk Driving: How much of a problem is it in  Buffalo, what can be done about it?

Financial Aid Distribution: How can Financial Aid services be improved?

General Access Lab Availability (computer labs): Analysis and Recommendations

General Access Lab Printers: Analysis and Recommendations

Internships: Should Medaille Require Internships of All Students? (It’s already required for many programs.) Should those interns be graded S/U or on a traditional letter grade?

Off-campus Housing: Analysis and Recommendations

On-campus Housing: Analysis and Recommendations

Online Learning: Does It Help Or Hinder the Learning Process

Overcrowding in Parking lot: Analysis and Recommendations

Racial Diversity at Medaille: Lacking or sufficient? (This could really be applied to any kind of diversity

Registration: Analysis and Recommendations

School Spirit: How much school spirit do we have; how can it be improved?

Snow Removal: Issues Affecting Students and Recommendations

Sports Attendance: How Cam We Improve Attendance of Medaille Sports Events? Study Abroad: How Can Medaille Encourage More International Students to Come Here?

Tax increases: analysis and recommendations.

Tuition Increases: Analysis and Recommendations

Vending Services: Are We Being Overcharged?

Wasteful Spending by Medaille, or the county or the city.

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MCC Speech Com: Mental Health and Crisis Com.

**Note: SPE 330 Students, this post is not for your class. See you 4/12.**

Did you know? MCC is connected with, a non-profit organization that provides information on a variety of topics including depression and suicide prevention.  Click on the ULifeline link and then proceed to the student section. Once you’ve indicated which school you’re from you can access a variety of topics. (You can still access information without entering your school’s information.)

ULifeline contacts fact sheets and information on how you can help your peers or yourself, identify warning signs, and myths about suicide. There are also evaluation tools for you to access. ULifeline is anonymous and confidential.

Important Links and Numbers*:

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