SPE 330: preparing for the final

Can you believe the semester’s nearly over? Counting today we have 5 more classes.

For your final, your group will engage in an in-depth problem-solving project. I am providing a list of problems you may pick from, however your group may elect to come up with a variation from the list or a unique problem not listed. More details on the final as well as time to work on it will happen next week. This is a very structured project and there will be many specific details you will have to pay attention to. In other words, be there next week!

Your immediate task: Review this list and make note of which topics interest you/would be best for your group to explore. Topics are a first come, first serve deal so if your group feels strongly about a topic, let me know ASAP so I can remove it as an option.

These topics are limited to the college campus and Buffalo area, but you are welcome to explore other options.

Academic Advising: Analysis and Recommendations

Brain Drain, Buffalo Area: How Can the Area Better Retain College Graduates? Why Do So Many Leave, What Would Make Them Want to Stay?

Campus Recycling: What is being done? Can it be done better?

Campus Safety: Problems and Recommendations

Credit Cards: Should colleges give or sell our names and addresses? What can we do? Should credit card companies even be allowed on area campuses?

Expansion and Construction at Medaille: Do we need an expansion; if so, what do we need?

Dining Services: Analysis (Adequacy and Nutritionality) and Recommendations

Drunk Driving: How much of a problem is it in  Buffalo, what can be done about it?

Financial Aid Distribution: How can Financial Aid services be improved?

General Access Lab Availability (computer labs): Analysis and Recommendations

General Access Lab Printers: Analysis and Recommendations

Internships: Should Medaille Require Internships of All Students? (It’s already required for many programs.) Should those interns be graded S/U or on a traditional letter grade?

Off-campus Housing: Analysis and Recommendations

On-campus Housing: Analysis and Recommendations

Online Learning: Does It Help Or Hinder the Learning Process

Overcrowding in Parking lot: Analysis and Recommendations

Racial Diversity at Medaille: Lacking or sufficient? (This could really be applied to any kind of diversity

Registration: Analysis and Recommendations

School Spirit: How much school spirit do we have; how can it be improved?

Snow Removal: Issues Affecting Students and Recommendations

Sports Attendance: How Cam We Improve Attendance of Medaille Sports Events? Study Abroad: How Can Medaille Encourage More International Students to Come Here?

Tax increases: analysis and recommendations.

Tuition Increases: Analysis and Recommendations

Vending Services: Are We Being Overcharged?

Wasteful Spending by Medaille, or the county or the city.


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