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SPE 330: Final Reminders for the 5/10 final

Turn In Check List:

___Written report-one per group. Must include how your group decided on your topic.

___Grade sheet: give each member a grade and explain why they deserve that grade. Failure to explain why will result in a deduction of YOUR grade. Follow instructions.

___Reflection paper: Details, meaning specific examples from your experiences this semester will set apart and A or B paper from a C or D.

___Role Analysis, refer to the handouts, class notes and your text for this. Yes it needs an intro and conclusion. Again, examples on how member did/didn’t perform certain roles. **In fact, everything but the grade sheet needs and intro and conclusion. Oral presentations need intros, conclusions, transitions, and professionalism.

___5 outside sources for your oral and written reports. I will deduct for lack of outside sources or non-legit sources. Ex: 5 different Wikipedia pages do not make 5 different sources.

Please Note: Resident students are allowed to stay in the dorms until 10am on 5/11, per Jason Perri’s permission. You are not to use the dorm policy as an excuse to get out of the May 10th class. This is your final, you are expected to be there, as the final day of class was available to you when you signed up for this course.

I will provide a sheet pizza from Bob and Johns on 5/10. You are expected to provide your own drink. You must be here on time and ready to go as I expect everyone to listen to all the other presentations and to be ready should their group go first. No requests ahead of time on who goes first.

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