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Print Journalism is dead…

Or not.

New York Times said they would stop printing and begin charging online fee. The Times does not have definitive plans to stop printing any time soon, however when this story originally broke, many media outlets were covering it as “NYT will stop printing in 2011”.  I actually saw that headline flash past when watching the evening news. As newspapers shift to becoming fluid online mediums with every changing content, the question remains: When will print end?  For many print journalism students, will this increase of online journalism decrease the quality of journalism?  Is print dead?

When asked about his response to the suggestion that the NYT will be printing it’s last edition some time in 2015,  Sulzberger said he saw no point in making such predictions and said all he could say was that “we will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD.” Essentially, despite the media spin, Sulzberger wasn’t trying to make an announcement that the NYT had a definitive time line. Perhaps we shouldn’t kill off print journalism after all, since in the haste to be the first to give “late-breaking news,” media outlets that depend on faster and faster turn-around, were misunderstanding the facts.


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