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So what’s due for next week again?

Here’s your checklist to stay on task:

  • Commentary from the Chomsky videos. Due before class.
  • Local “hard news” piece. This requires a unique headline; it cannot be called “Local News Assignment” or any variation of that. Due Sunday at 11pm!
  • The obit or wedding announcement you wrote in class. Due Thursday!
  • Comment on the blog you were assigned to for the week–I will e-mail you the details and the due date. You may comment on any one assignment they have written so far. Be thoughtful, be constructive, and check back to see the author’s response!
  • Any business you didn’t get to in class such as updating/creating your “About Me” page, adding sidebar content, commenting access, etc. These blogs are yours, be creative. Due before Monday’s class!!

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Due 2/6: Local News Piece

As discussed in class, your assignment is to write a local news piece on a topic of your choosing. You must have 2 sources you are linking to. Consider also getting a comment from an outside source (ex: ask someone their thoughts on the topic). Your piece must be timely, accurate, and well written. Remember, a hard news story needs to have a factual approach. Answer the questions: What happened? Who was involved? Where and when did it happen? Why? Consider the tone you are writing in.

There is no word limit on this assignment, instead I am looking for you to meet all the other requirements. Content matters! Use your resources. I have provided a list of links to help you find some local topics you want to write about. DO NOT copy a news sites content. That is plagiarism. That would get you fired! Reference them, link to them, quote and cite them,  but write in your own words

As appropriate use the AP Style Cheat Sheet.

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What I am is what I am

are you what you are or what? -Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

It hardly seems fair to ask you all to write something personal without sharing a little myself. I’ve actually written and re-written my own responses to the questions I’ve asked you, so I can fully understand the dilemma some of you faced in trying to answer the first assignment. It’d be too much to give any one person the entire picture, but here’s a small piece of my puzzle… Continue reading

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ENG 249: Your first assignments.

We already started talking about the writing assignment due on Jan. 29 at 9pm.

Due for class is the reading, provided below, with 3 questions/comments about the reading for class discussion. The actual reading begins on the second page of the pdf. Consider how Lasswell’s model of communication compares with what we discussed in class? How does his functions of communication relate to journalism?



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Welcome Villa Maria students!

Welcome to my weblog. You’ll be in charge of your own weblog this semester as we explore topics in journalism, including writing for different media, media literacy, ethical issues, and social media. This weblog will be where you can find all your assignments, a copy of the syllabus, course schedule updates, commentary on issues we discuss in class and so much more. I fully expect you to not only regularly check the site, but to also leave comments. I want to know your thoughts/questions/concerns.

You will find course information under ENG 249.

Your first task is to leave a comment on this post letting me know you found it!


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