ENG 249: Your first assignments.

We already started talking about the writing assignment due on Jan. 29 at 9pm.

Due for class is the reading, provided below, with 3 questions/comments about the reading for class discussion. The actual reading begins on the second page of the pdf. Consider how Lasswell’s model of communication compares with what we discussed in class? How does his functions of communication relate to journalism?




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2 responses to “ENG 249: Your first assignments.

  1. Lloyd Mitchell

    1. What life lessons can Journalism teach us about our society ?
    2. How has the journalism world change over the last 10 years ?
    3. What is Journalism purpose ?

  2. 1. Journalism teaches us to always report,write and say things that are truthful. When journalism is done in a devious manner, it hurts and ruins people’s lives.
    Honesty is key to great Journalism.

    2. Journalism has changed greatly over the past ten years,due to technology. People can get the internet on their phone,giving them instant news. ten years ago people waited until they got home to watch the nightly news. Now we get instant information and are connected to the world around us.

    3. To inform accurate information about people and events in the world. Journalism keeps us educated about the world,it is easy to just think about what is happening in our own backyards and not having any empathy for any one else. Journalism informs us so that we can be educated,and knowledgeable about the world around us.

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