Welcome Villa Maria students!

Welcome to my weblog. You’ll be in charge of your own weblog this semester as we explore topics in journalism, including writing for different media, media literacy, ethical issues, and social media. This weblog will be where you can find all your assignments, a copy of the syllabus, course schedule updates, commentary on issues we discuss in class and so much more. I fully expect you to not only regularly check the site, but to also leave comments. I want to know your thoughts/questions/concerns.

You will find course information under ENG 249.

Your first task is to leave a comment on this post letting me know you found it!



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10 responses to “Welcome Villa Maria students!

  1. Megan S

    HEYYY !! found it ! yayyyy !! 🙂

  2. Jessica A

    I found the site

  3. I found the website, this is james dean

  4. Took me forever, but I found it! -Tiffany

  5. I finally the website. Lloyd

  6. Hi Sarah
    I found the site and excited to be in your class.
    Thanks for your help

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