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Speaking of topics you should be following in the news….

Who here has been following the protests in Wisconsin? There’s chatter that Ohio and Michigan are considering similar moves with their unions…Regardless of where you fall on the issue, the heartwarming part of this is how peaceful the protests, on both sides, have been.

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

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Friendly Reminders for ENG 249

  • We do not meet next Monday (2/21) because of the holiday.
  • The midterm can be downloaded here. This also indicates what’s due on 2/21. You can e-mail me the information or post it on your blog as an update.
  • On Monday, 2/28 you need to post your second interview before class meets. Remember the examples I showed you from the Buffalo News. How you approach the interview is up to you, but it does need a theme.
  • Be working on your midterm this week and next week. These means identifying your contacts and getting information from them, doing research, and starting some drafts of the 4 sections. Please bring everything you have to class when we meet again. Don’t forget, when interviewing, if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for ask follow-up questions. The questions you originally planned on asking aren’t set in stone, and may need to change based on the responses you get. Also, get both sides of the story!
  • As always, e-mail me or comment here if you need help.

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Dutchess Community College Interview: Assignment from Teaching Demo.

*Villa Maria Students, please disregard this post, it isn’t for you! Work on the assignments I gave you last class: interviewing a classmate and your pitch for your midterm.*

Dutchess Community College Interview: Assignment from Teaching Demo. Continue reading

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Grammar Quizzes

You MUST take this quiz first.

Once you’ve completed that you will pick 2 additional quizzes. Select1 quiz from this website.  Select from AP Stylebook Exercises, Grammar Exercises, The Comma-general practice, or Punctuation in general, or a Newsroom quiz.

Also select any one quiz from this website except the Punctuation, etc. Pretest. You already took it. Follow the directions I gave for during and after quizzes, and utilize your references!

Reference Materials:

Grammar Basics

Dictionary -Also has Thesaurus.

AP Basics 1

AP Basics 2

AP Basics 3

Reporting Basics (MANDATORY READ before you write any more assignments!!) Do not worry about section 14 for now. Just worry about the rest.

How to Write News Stories (Another MANDATORY READ.)

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Social Media, Journalism, Egypt

Some of you were unaware of what’s going on. I expect you’ve done some checking up on the issue by now. We’ll be getting to social media later in the semester, but here’s something that talks about how social media is being used in the protests. You can also participate in the protest.

Why is it important that stories like these get coverage? Why should be pay attention to serous new pieces instead of just celebrity lifestyles? Why does it matter? Some expressed last night that they didn’t want to know about these things. So I’m asking you to answer–why should we be paying attention?


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