Social Media, Journalism, Egypt

Some of you were unaware of what’s going on. I expect you’ve done some checking up on the issue by now. We’ll be getting to social media later in the semester, but here’s something that talks about how social media is being used in the protests. You can also participate in the protest.

Why is it important that stories like these get coverage? Why should be pay attention to serous new pieces instead of just celebrity lifestyles? Why does it matter? Some expressed last night that they didn’t want to know about these things. So I’m asking you to answer–why should we be paying attention?



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3 responses to “Social Media, Journalism, Egypt

  1. There’s to much drama in the world, thats why people watch celebrity’s because they bring a little peace.

    • There is too much drama in the world, I agree…But it is the celebrities and other stupid distractions that keep us (along with other forces) from the truth including current events.

      If everyone is watching Twilight or whatever else and no one is watching what is happening then thats when it is a sad day and the next is probably filled with more troubles than not.

  2. this isn’t petty drama, this is real, political, social, important events happening that can have a ripple effect on the future of the world.

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