Dutchess Community College Interview: Assignment from Teaching Demo.

*Villa Maria Students, please disregard this post, it isn’t for you! Work on the assignments I gave you last class: interviewing a classmate and your pitch for your midterm.*

Dutchess Community College Interview: Assignment from Teaching Demo.

Before next class you need to watch the video clips available below. Please watch them in the order listed.

At some point, you may want to consider watching the entire documentary these videos were taken from.  The entire documentary should be available here: http://www.hulu.com/embed/eajSk7w6smi6fM7gmkNnFw. (Segments continuing from what you watched are available on youtube as well.)

After watching the above 3 clips answer the following questions: How does what you’ve just watched relate to Agenda Setting Theory?  In the third video segment it’s pointed out that Chomsky has never worked for a newspaper before. Given the conversations we had in classes and the theories we discussed about what may influence news, does it matter (should it matter) if media critics/news analysts do or do not have media experience? What other reactions do you have to watching the video clips?

Think about what is going on in Egypt. Despite efforts to block media access, social media has been playing an active role in these protests. Are the people setting the agenda?

Be prepared to talk about your responses in class as well!


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