Friendly Reminders for ENG 249

  • We do not meet next Monday (2/21) because of the holiday.
  • The midterm can be downloaded here. This also indicates what’s due on 2/21. You can e-mail me the information or post it on your blog as an update.
  • On Monday, 2/28 you need to post your second interview before class meets. Remember the examples I showed you from the Buffalo News. How you approach the interview is up to you, but it does need a theme.
  • Be working on your midterm this week and next week. These means identifying your contacts and getting information from them, doing research, and starting some drafts of the 4 sections. Please bring everything you have to class when we meet again. Don’t forget, when interviewing, if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for ask follow-up questions. The questions you originally planned on asking aren’t set in stone, and may need to change based on the responses you get. Also, get both sides of the story!
  • As always, e-mail me or comment here if you need help.

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