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Thinking ahead to the final…

We only meet 6 more times. That very last time your final is due. You’ll be presenting your final in a similar fashion as your midterm.

For your final, I would like you to work with someone, (I may be convinced to approval up to groups of 3, but this requires some thought on your part before asking me), and you will create a publication. You may create a magazine, ezine, or newspaper. Content will be posted on your blogs, somewhat similar to your midterm, and you will also be required to turn in hard copies.  Which you decide to create will determine the content of your final. If there is a direction you prefer to consider for content, I will want to know to help you create the best final possible. Continue reading

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For Next Monday

Articles to read about WikiLeaks:

One TwoThreeFour. And Buffalo News’ op ed piece on the implications of WikiLeaks on Sunshine Laws.

Now please provide thoughtful answers to the following:

1) Which side do you fall on for the WikiLeaks debate? Was Assange right to post the information that he did?  Is it free speech or does it hurt us? What are your thoughts/reactions to the Buffalo News article?

2) Considering what you’re read, the piece we listened to last night, your experiences with the news, and the NPR bill we talked about–Is the new biased? Explain your thoughts. Do not focus on Fox News or MSN or other 24 hour news stations. Instead consider more traditional outlets–our regular stations (ABC, NBC, CBS), newspapers, radio, etc.

3) What is the correlation between the piece we listened to from This American Life and the movie Network?

4) Remember I said Network was originally written as a parody.

“TV is show business.” -Diana

“We’re in the boredom killing business.”-Howard

“…all boredom amused.” -Jensen (Who also argued there are no nations, no people, just money.)

Does what Network reflect today’s evening news hour? If so, how? If not, explain. What similarities or differences are there between the current TV news and The Howard Beale Show? Could Network happen today? Does it?

This is all due by 6pm Monday. Be prepared to talk about it in class as well.

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Ethics, Media Law, and Sunshine

ENG 249–These are the topics we’ll be cover in class this week.

We will listen to the second half of this story from This American Life in class. (The first half is interesting but not directly related to the course material.) Be prepared to pay attention because you will be blogging about this piece.

We’ll also be talking about the NPR defunding bill  situation.

I’ll leave you with this video on the issue:

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Sunshine week

Villa Students: It’s unfortunate that we do not have class during Sunshine Week, but you can expect that we’ll be talking about that when we return. What are the implications of wikileaks on Sunshine Laws? How does any of it relate to journalism ethics? Should there be more transparency in localstate, and national government? These are all questions you should be considering and we’ll be discussing when you return from break on March 21.

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More midterm info

The midterm info I handed out last night is available for download HERE. Remember, you’ll have had 3 weeks to complete these articles so they should be great. And make sure you’re prepared for the oral presentation as well.

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