Thinking ahead to the final…

We only meet 6 more times. That very last time your final is due. You’ll be presenting your final in a similar fashion as your midterm.

For your final, I would like you to work with someone, (I may be convinced to approval up to groups of 3, but this requires some thought on your part before asking me), and you will create a publication. You may create a magazine, ezine, or newspaper. Content will be posted on your blogs, somewhat similar to your midterm, and you will also be required to turn in hard copies.  Which you decide to create will determine the content of your final. If there is a direction you prefer to consider for content, I will want to know to help you create the best final possible.

Your final will be longer than your midterm. I gave you 3 weeks to work on the midterm, including one entire class session and I did NOT see 3 weeks worth of work for most midterms. This is not acceptable. Now I am giving you 6 weeks to start thinking about what you might want to do. Do not put this off. I will not be grading these lightly. I know you all can produce very good, creative, well written pieces, if you just plan ahead and put in the effort.

If you know right away who you want to work with and the potential focus you want to have, see me ASAP and I will start providing you with some basic content you can start on. As we move forward I will continue to provide more information on my expectations for the final, so keep checking back here.


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