Your Final: ENG 249

Information on your final is available below. Based off the topics I heard so far, some of you may find that your ideas for your magazine may not quite fit into these guidelines. If that is the case you need to come talk to me about it. This is precisely the reason why I was trying to keep the assignment more open-ended–to allow for

Your magazine will include:

  • 3 articles in a format of your choosing, appropriate for your magazine’s theme
  • A review: product, book, music, food, etc. Just make it appropriate for your topic and target audience
  • Interview like what you’ve written on your blogs with an intro and conclusion.
  • A Q & A piece–this is where your readers have questions that you answer. Three to five questions should be sufficient.
  • An editorial opinion piece (meaning YOUR opinion) or a Letter from the Editor. What’s appropriate may depend on your magazine’s focus. If you are unsure which to do, please see me.
  • Visual elements. It’s a magazine!
  • Filler content: I will talk about this in class. Sorry, but once again you need to wait until I want you to know things.

You must also have:

  • A cover. Be creative!
  • A table of contents.
  • Optional: Advertisements.

There is a reason why I am only giving you bits and pieces of information at a time. There is a reason why this assignment does not have strict word counts OR strict page limits. Why will become evident as you begin your work and also when you see your peers’ magazines. This is NOT up for debate or question. As your professor, I know the whole picture and thus designed assignments with that end in mind. You do not necessarily need to know all the details or the whole picture right up front. That is not the point of this assignment, nor is it the point of college. I will not entertain any more discussion of any sort on specific page limits or word counts.

This is not because I don’t know what I want from you or I haven’t planned the assignment. This assignment was planned in January. This is because I am doing what is best for the class, which at the moment is allowing everyone to have the freedom to be creative and put together the best piece they possibly can.

If possible, please bring in a magazine that is close in content or format to what you want to achieve. If you have extra magazines of any sort lying around, bring them in as well on Monday so we can look at them together and talk about filler as well as layout ideas.

We will have Dr. Giordano visiting our class for the beginning of class on Monday.  We will spend the second half of class working on the final and more information and guidance will be provided. See you Monday.


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