Com 140: Due Sept 8

First off, leave a comment on here, so I know you found the site.

Paper 1 is due on Sept 8 and can be downloaded HERE. You also must read Issue 1 and this article on digital fatigue, and bring questions for class discussion on both.



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16 responses to “Com 140: Due Sept 8

  1. Kemdi

    I think I can relate to Jessica H. Lawrence on her finding things on twitter. When I first moved to Poughkeepsie, I found a Job on twitter, met my ex girlfriend in twitter and at the same time, we broke up on twitter. Twitter has it ups and downs.

  2. Natalie Hanson

    Somehow I was logged into some weird wordpress account… I cleared cache & deleted cookies because it kept automatically putting that info in there…. I have no idea. If it does it again I give up. lol

  3. Matt Thela

    Found It with the help of Google, though it took a little while. It is really hard to communicate on google with all the website noise.

  4. profsw

    I did write the site on the board, and there should be a link to it on Angel as well. It also shows up on the top 10 if you google my name. What other website noise are you referring to, Matt?

    WordPress remembers information in ways other sites don’t, Natalie. In some ways it’s good, in other ways, not so much. If you just type in your name over whatever is already there, then it should post fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kemdi, I’m honestly not on twitter…yet. I’m a little concerned I’ll be fully burntout since I already feel that way with facebook, blogs and a never ending parade of e-mails!

    • Natalie Hanson

      I did type in my name over what was there lol and it posted what was there anyway! I think I got it fixed though because now it says my name instead of that other jibberish.

  5. profsw

    lol. Gotta love technology sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Peter

    Hey! Just leaving a comment to let you know I found the site.

  7. Brandon Reuter

    I found it.

  8. emily f

    found the site

  9. Paul Parrales

    I found the website and read the article. I found it to be very interesting how a social network can really benefit someones life.

  10. Alex Ioanna

    Found the website…Rock and Roll…

  11. Amina Kearney

    I found it’

  12. Shannon Peachthong

    my boyfriend showed this site, and it reminded me of how in class we were talking about all these different kinds of social medias.

    i thought you would like to take a look at this.

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