Com 140: Diffusion Theory and Paper 2.

FIRST read this from Wikipedia and this which covers the profiles of different adopters. Have 2 questions/comments from the reading.

For paper 2, due next class, play the game and write-up (TYPED, 12 point font, no weird spacing–I won’t grade it otherwise) what you did, how successful you were and what your thoughts were. It should be about 2-3 pages. Have fun!!


Ok, I’m assuming you read what diffusion of innovation is (the links on the website) before you played the game. Did you? If not STOP PLAYING. Go read first.

An innovation is something new. Like back when the internet, or cell phones, were new, the companies had to get people to adopt their technology, get them to use it, want to use it (and then increases their sales)
In the game you are a change agent–that’s the person who gets you to adopt a new technology. For example, it was my uncle that convinced my parents to buy a computer and get online, so he was the change agent. In the game you want them to adopt/use “peer tutoring”. So you have to persuade the teachers to use this “new” thing.

Consider what you might run into if you tried to get someone (anyone) to do something new: they might adopt to it right away b/c they like being the person doing the new cool thing (early adopters) or they might hold off, wait til the new thing has been tried and tested and is going to be around (middle-late adopters) or they might be totally resistant and not want to do the new thing (or buy the new thing) at all.

So while you’re playing the game pay attention to what happens–can you convince people to adopt peer tutoring? What did you do (describe the process to me) Were you successful? Why or why not? Does the game accurate convey the diffusion process as described in the reading? How long did it take for you to get the teachers to adopt?

While your playing you can also think about how this might be used in “real life”.  Every time you persuade someone to do something, you’re essentially persuading them to adopt that something: be it an idea, an object, a concept, etc.



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5 responses to “Com 140: Diffusion Theory and Paper 2.

  1. Natalie Hanson

    This is due the 22nd? Also, class was canceled tonight right? A few of us were there and waited but no one really showed up – sunydutchess website said class was canceled but the automated messages when you call DCC said no class cancelations …. confusing, but since no one was really there at 6pm we all left, lol.

  2. profsw

    lol, sorry for the confusion. I sent out an e-mail around 4:40 saying it was canceled and I did the online thing. I don’t know why the automated thing didn’t work, it should have!! I am changing the due date for this…Check for the next post I am about to write.

  3. rebecca pinto

    i’m having trouble logging on to the game and i’m using the username and password given to me

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