COM 140: PLANS for next class

Sorry for any confusion about class today. I had an urgent matter to attend to, which is finally settled. So here’s the deal for next week:

Bring your question that you did for this week’s reading (on issues 7 and 8). Please refresh yourself quickly before class on the topics so that you remember what we’re talking about.  We will talk about those two issues next week, so I want you to remember what you read so we can have a good conversation.

Give paper 2 a shot. The information for paper 2 can be found by clicking  here. If you get it done, I will take it next class, however I will give you until 9/29 to get the paper done. However, keep in mind that on 9/29 we have 4 issues to cover, which is a lot of reading, so if you want to spread your work out, get the paper done before then.

The paper isn’t too hard. You need to read the links first, it will help you a great deal. Then go play the game. There are instructions on how to play login to play the game–follow them. When you play, you might want to try it a couple times to see if you get different results. I’ve played it a few times to see if I could be a perfect score. Then write about your experiences. What worked, what didn’t, what was easy or frustrating, etc. How long did you play for….details. Details seemed to be missing from some people’s first papers, details are important.

Give it a shot and let me know if you have questions!



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5 responses to “COM 140: PLANS for next class

  1. ian todaro

    found this and i thought it kinds of is what we talked about a little in class today

  2. profsw

    That’s freaking hilarious. I am SO using this when I teach TV news. Thank you!

  3. Shannon Peachthong

    off topic, but the assignment sheet says to read issues 9,10,19,20. im not sure if this was a typo, but my book doesn’t have issues 19 and 20. i even made sure i had the right edition.

    • profsw

      Hi Shannon, the eleventh edition of the book (the one you should have) has issues 19 and 20. 19 is “Are youth indifferent to news and politics?” 20 is ” Does Online Communication Compromise the rights of an individual when information is “annonymous”? ” Do you have the 11th edition?

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