Oh Facebook….

Some of us were talking about Facebook’s wonderful changes (note: sarcasm) before class.  Well now here’s the explanation for those changes, complete with the purpose of that little ticker in the right hand corner of your page.

Connect this with the status update I’ve seen quite a bit today (below) and I think it’s safe to say users aren’t entirely happy.

“Please do me a favor and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then move your mouse over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and Likes”. I would really rather that my comments on friends and families posts not be made public, Thank You! Then re-post this if you don’t want your every single move posted on the right side in the “Ticker Box” for everyone to see! I’ll do everyone who likes or comments. Thank you!”


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One response to “Oh Facebook….

  1. Robin Weisel

    I kind of feel like the phrase “I don’t want the things I post on my friends/families pages public.” is funny. You’re posting it publicly on their wall. It’s kind of out there for everyone anyway, or don’t they realize that?

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