Oh Facebook, part 2

It never ends! Has anyone already switched over to the new format? Any thoughts? I don’t dare do it without first checking my privacy settings. But I have a sneaking feeling this won’t be well received. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it feels like facebook  changed the look of our profile pages fairly recently. And how many times has our news feed been changed? I still don’t feel like I’m seeing as many posts as I used to, and certainly not as quickly as I used to, because it’ll show up in the ticker box first and then later in the feed.

Will facebook lose its users?



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2 responses to “Oh Facebook, part 2

  1. Matt Thela

    Do you mean the new “Time-Line” Format? I did a few days ago. Usually I hate Facebook changes, but I actually like the new format. Though the two bracket lay-out confuses me a little…

  2. profsw

    Yup that’s what I meant. Seen postives comments so far, but I haven’t checked it out myself.

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