Com 140 Midterm Assignment (aka paper 3)

The third paper is also your midterm. Instead of being out of 50 points like paper 1 and 2, it’ll be out of 100 points.

Please download the assignment HERE.  The paper MUST BE TYPED. 12 point font, normal margins double-spacing max. Again, no page limit, but be sure to answer all the questions. Do not hestitate to ask me questions, as this isn’t an assignment you should put off. E-mail or comment right here.

The biggest “trick” with this paper is using your resources. Use the library, especially since you can do everything online, including chatting with a librarian. Use easybib with help for citing your article. Proofread and spell check your paper.



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4 responses to “Com 140 Midterm Assignment (aka paper 3)

  1. Kelsey Hillerud


    Do we have to use only one scholarly article or can we use a few?

  2. ian todaro

    you need to have easybib pro to use apa style

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