Com 140: Primer for Media violence discussion

Better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

And because my generation grew up on this artist:

*We will include the role music plays in influencing youth*



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4 responses to “Com 140: Primer for Media violence discussion

  1. Amina Kearney

    Leave Questions for Issues here??

    Issue 5:
    Why don’t parents take more control over what type of media their children ingest?
    With all the evidence proving that yes, indeed violent video games can create a violent minded child, why does the government not take a stronger role in media output, in connection with video games?
    What age is the most “tender” or easily influenced when it comes to video games?

    Issue 12:
    Which group is most affected by hate speech?
    What are the long term affects of hate speech?
    Can hate speech lead to a hate crime, like death?

    Issue 15:
    With technology constantly changing, what is the future of newspapers? (After the internet)
    What type of economic loss will the shutting down of presses leave for citizens?
    Will there be a subtle change in how people retain knowledge due to the fact that they will no longer be doing the physical act of buying, walking out to get, opening up a newspaper? (getting information will be a lot simpler/don’t have to work for the information)


  2. Atmos92

    Issue 5:
    Did the people who produced the video games know how it would affect the kids who play them psychologically, knowing how the difficulty of the game which would result to more aggression?

    Issue 12:
    When did hate speech start to rise in American society?

    Issue 15:
    How will that influence the younger generations, getting all their information from the web?
    Why did this transformation not happen sooner?
    Will the older generation be able to adapt to the change?

  3. Issue 1 : Does violent music influence youth to do violent things?
    Because I am a musician, I feel music has a power over people. People use it for inspiration, something to go to when they are sad or alone. People look up to musicians as messengers. They are here to spread the message, whatever their message may be it is out there for everyone to listen.

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