Spirit Day

Are you wearing purple? Some of my speech classes have already talked about the issues of cyber-bullying, and I know it’s been brought up in our class as well. No matter your views, the bullying, which has been resulting in young adults taking their lives, needs to stop.



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3 responses to “Spirit Day

  1. Amina Kearney

    Hey, Posting questions: Amina Kearney for Media and Society

    Issues 3&4

    How are Arabs effected by the stereotyping?
    Who is behind some of the major forces in Arab stereotyping in the media?
    What are the effects of very young children seeing these images now that the ads are more prevalent in society?

    Issues 16&18

    Does this new choice in business models actually work?
    Long term, how does it effect Americans, psychologically?
    Is the information people are getting beneficial, or harmful?

  2. Paul Parrales

    Paul Parrales
    What are the long term effects of stereotyping?
    At what age do boys start having negative body image?
    Can the effects of negative body image have effects that are more severe than low self-esteem?
    Why have business models gotten broader?
    Who decides what information is put out there?
    How do they decide what to put out there?

  3. Mike Annan

    Issues 3&4:

    1) Do people interpret a neutral/unbiased portrayal how they want? Is this interpretation based on personal experience, secondhand experience, or what the media has told them in the past?
    2) Does the media create wants in people that weren’t there to begin with? Does the media create idealism?
    3) Do we, as a society, need to long for something? Will we ever be content with who we are and what we have?

    Issues 16&18:

    1) How many choices do we need to have in order to feel like we have the freedom to chose?
    2) How do we know what we should really be informed about? Should every bit of information that’s ever happened be documented and available to the public?
    3) How important is privacy in this new age?

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