Harry Potter/Book Banning Readings and Paper 4

Reading # 1 is  Harry Potter and the Public School Library. Reading # 2 is this webpage.  Reading # 3 is this article. Questions on the readings should either be brought to class, e-mailed, or posted here in the comments. I do continue to expect you to bring up your own thoughts/questions that you’ve written in class.

Paper # 4 is available for download HERE.


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One response to “Harry Potter/Book Banning Readings and Paper 4

  1. Peter Rabasco

    1) Why must ridiculous religious crazies consistently overreact to everything? – The world may never know… 

    2) Are overly religious lunatics corrupting their children’s childhoods? Furthermore, is it fair to the other children who wish to read such books who’s parents are not religious, of the same religion, or just insane (like those presenting this argument) to be denied this literature?

    3) Is banning such books a direct violation of the constitutional right of freedom of speech and expression?

    4) Despite the extreme efforts of people to ban particular books in society, people will undoubtedly always find a way to attain banned literature. Arguably, the banning of certain books will make them even more desirable to readers. So what’s the point?

    5) Should children be allowed to decide for themselves what they wish to read based on what their own personal interests are?

    6) Should books that contain questionable content be allowed in schools for the simple purpose of educating children about said material? 

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