Readings for Nov. 3: Com 140

Social Media Issues:

Reading #1: Is this censorship?

Reading #2: Wikipedia deletes dangerous material.

Reading #3: Alone Together Excerpt, also listen to an interview with the author HERE and read her comments here.

And just for fun…Kutcher and ethics.

Paper 4, in case you missed it, is in this post.



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2 responses to “Readings for Nov. 3: Com 140

  1. Mike Annan

    1) Why do we find it so important to censor “offensive” language or images but are so quick to laugh at somebody who was “sheltered” as a child?

    2) If we were all exposed to more “offensive” things as children would they offend us later in life? What is the real danger of letting children be exposed to offensive material?

    3) If we invented a technology that we could use to communicate thoughts to one another without speaking, would spoken language die out? Is it important to keep spoken language alive? Are text messaging devices this technology?

  2. Peter Rabasco

    1) Regarding article # 1 It would only constitute censorship if the university took it upon themselves to actually remove student commentary that they themselves found displeasing.

    2) Regarding article # 2 How does Wikipedia deem a specific piece of information as being too dangerous? 

    3) Should Wikipedia be able to remove content at all?

    4) Regarding article # 3 Are American children too dependent on technology? Is this technology making children more isolated socially? Can technology be attempting to occupy children in the same way that living friends would?

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