Food for thought for paper 4

Explore ‘The Other’ for Halloween: Thoughts and comments on these costumes?

And coming up on TLC: All-American Muslim



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2 responses to “Food for thought for paper 4

  1. Natalie Hanson

    I think overall the lesson of those photos is a good one… they don’t want a mockery made of their culture… I can definitely see how those costumes would make people feel uncomfortable and outcasted. Something sort of unrelated though… I feel like the more people talk about race the more divided we all actually become.. I think back to when I was a kid, in kindergarten or whenever, we didn’t even realize someone was a different race… I don’t think any of us even thought that way… I can’t remember anyone being made fun of for being different whether it was because of race or how they dressed or spoke or acted… And I see the same thing with young kids in my neighborhood. I don’t see anyone being outcasted for being fat or wearing glasses or being black or hispanic… everyone just plays together. I feel like as we get older and are taught to not be racist or stereotypical, rude, judgmental, etc… we are actually being taught to notice the differences in each other.

  2. ian todaro

    sorry, cant remember your gmail and cant find my syllabus. im really gonna need that extension, i wont have enough time tonight to watch an hour of fox news and then write my paper while getting enough sleep to function tomorrow lol.

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