Com 140: Trusting the media: Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

These videos are related to today’s discussion about Issue 8. We will watch in class, but there are hear for you to watch again.

The entire documentary should be available here: (Segments continuing from what you watched are available on youtube as well.)

Discussion Questions: Is Chomsky a conspiracy theorist or does he have valid points? In the third video segment it’s pointed out that Chomsky has never worked for a newspaper before. Given the conversations we had in classes and the theories we discussed about what may influence news, does it matter (should it matter) if media critics/news analysts do or do not have media experience? What other reactions do you have to watching the video clips?



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4 responses to “Com 140: Trusting the media: Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

  1. The Media has to follow a crazy amount of laws. We are only allowed to cover so much at a crime scene. We have to report the correct facts out to society.

    • Rather the facts allowed by the authority. This being the case in many wars, seem mainly after the Vietnam Conflict with photojournalism. It all has to be screened to protect the interests of the authority and preserving the “face” of the nations interests or people in charge. Buffalo News won’t post about how they may not look good for Buffalo…The US won’t let people from the opposing side in a war look like huge victims and we are just slaughtering them, it is all screened and controlled. Makes you question freedom of speech and Press.

  2. I agree with Lloyd that the media does have a lot of ground to cover and not everything can be covered by the media. I think that war is something that people should report on because it is an event that impacts all people some how. War is a hard news action that should not be ignored, whether or not the United States is involved or not.

  3. I do agree with Chomsky that there is a conspiracy theory, when it comes to the media stories reported to the public. Sometimes news stories get watered down. Reported in a fashion that appeals to the public. News should be the hard truthful facts no matter how upsetting the facts are. We can not change and help people in the world if we do not the truthful facts.

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