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Com 300, final

If you’re looking for the post on Diffusion of Innovation, it’s right here. The link that talks about the farmers gives you an idea of the personalities of the different types of adopters (innovators, early adopters, early majority, later majority, laggards), which is what you need to know for the test.

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Final Exam info for 300 and 398

Com 300



Com 398

essay questions for com 398 final


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Com 300 game

so if you’re playing the game and don’t get it, here’s what I sent to one student, hopefully this will help all of you: Continue reading


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How do I find Empirical Research Articles?

Empirical means research was done by the authors: a study, a survey, observation, a lab experiment, etc. That means, no “reviews of literature” type articles, where the authors tell you the history of such and such.

One obvious step for finding these articles is to Medaille Library. See that part that says “find articles”? USE IT!

You may also use Google Scholar. I really like using this because you find a lot of different things. You can search by author (McCombs and Shaw, when searching for Agenda setting articles for example), or subject. Advance search lets you narrow down the year too.

Get cracking!


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Com 300 Wed. class

Based on our class discussion Monday and the questions that you all turned in, I think we need to spend a lot more time on Chapter 18, as well as talking about media responsibility, effects, and race issues. Please remember to bring your books to class on Wednesday so that when I refer to a page you can flip to it.

I don’t buy into the concept that 1) we blame the media for everything, 2) that nothing should be done about it, 3) that some of you who don’t speak don’t have opinions (you know who you are-and you have good questions!) We’ll be working through some of the questions that got turned in that are really good. Others of you should be concerned: your question are not very good, not a reflection of the reading and you’re not participating in class. I believe you know who you are as well.

So while there’s no formal assignment, I expect you to bring your books and be familiar enough with Chapter 18 to answer the questions we’ll be going over.


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Media theory relates to what?

To prove I didn’t make it up: from Fox News.

If you missed the comment about the toilet story: here it is (thanks Miranda).

Consider these stories, as well as other ones we talked about in class, in light of chapter 18. How does/can media effect our society? Our Culture? Why are these “news items”? Are they important? if so, why? Lastly, what’s the audience (receiver, mass) thinking?

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Com 300 homework

Can you tell me 2 things that were in the news over break? Can you tell me any news items related to communication? Bring these topics to class.  We’ll also be moving on with effects theories: to one of my favorites: Cultivation Theory.

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