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Com 140: Trusting the media: Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

These videos are related to today’s discussion about Issue 8. We will watch in class, but there are hear for you to watch again.

The entire documentary should be available here: (Segments continuing from what you watched are available on youtube as well.)

Discussion Questions: Is Chomsky a conspiracy theorist or does he have valid points? In the third video segment it’s pointed out that Chomsky has never worked for a newspaper before. Given the conversations we had in classes and the theories we discussed about what may influence news, does it matter (should it matter) if media critics/news analysts do or do not have media experience? What other reactions do you have to watching the video clips?


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Speaking of topics you should be following in the news….

Who here has been following the protests in Wisconsin? There’s chatter that Ohio and Michigan are considering similar moves with their unions…Regardless of where you fall on the issue, the heartwarming part of this is how peaceful the protests, on both sides, have been.

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

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Social Media, Journalism, Egypt

Some of you were unaware of what’s going on. I expect you’ve done some checking up on the issue by now. We’ll be getting to social media later in the semester, but here’s something that talks about how social media is being used in the protests. You can also participate in the protest.

Why is it important that stories like these get coverage? Why should be pay attention to serous new pieces instead of just celebrity lifestyles? Why does it matter? Some expressed last night that they didn’t want to know about these things. So I’m asking you to answer–why should we be paying attention?


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It’s not me it’s you

According to Thursday’s Oprah show, men are evil. No wait, what she really said is 1 out of 3 men will cheat (and expressed she felt this number was higher). the audience was full of heterosexual couples (I suppose gay/lesbian couples don’t have cheating issues?) and of course if someone in that couple cheated, it was the man.

We learn from an expert (male, ironically?) that men cheat not because of sex, but because they are lonely. Because they need to feel like they can “win” in relationships. Bet you didn’t know that relationships were about winning and losing instead of partnerships. I won’t even get in to that one.

We’re also told that men need to feel appreciated for the fact that they go to work everyday. Well, so do us women. I go to work everyday! I don’t expect appreciation for doing my job, for being financially responsible. Men feel that it’s taken for granted that they have to go to work every day and we ladies need to tell them “thank you” when they get home. This is of course assuming that we ARE HOME before they get home so we can greet them at the door with our pearls and heels and say “honey, I’m glad you do what you should do as a responsible adult.”

Women have long complained that we work, take care of children, manage the household and whatever else that needs to be done without so much as a glance of acknowledgement. But when a man washes the dishes we’re supposed to praise him. Now we’re being told by one of the biggest cultural influences of our time that we need to continue to pander to his behavoir, to let the analogy of our relationships be that of a fight (winning), all so that he doesn’t cheat?

Disclaimer: If you know me you know I don’t believe all men/women behave this way. But can’t you see how the stereotypes continue to be reinforced?


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By now we’ve all heard about the woman who had octuplets, while already having 6 little ones at home.  Did her doctors do the right thing? Do you agree with what she did? How about the media coverage of the whole event?



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Microsoft is buying Yahoo , or are they? If you google search “Microsoft buys yahoo” you’ll get a whole lot of blog post about the issue. (Go do it, read some and come back here. Yes, now.)

Many of you in Com 300 were asking questions about regulation in the media. One regulation issue is who owns who. What are the implications for ownership, how does that affect what is/isn’t presented, and what is best for the society? Anyone have any thoughts?

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A new brand of Feminism

I heard about this on NPR this morning. COM 398-ers what do you think?

If you’ve taken SPE 130 with me you should remember me talking about mythos. Are they using mythos here to persuade these women to join?

What does this say about the state of Islamic women, about the state of global feminism and the impacts of culture?


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