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How you look is everything

“Every little hair that grows on the body has a function..”
Makeup will enhance our personalities?

Are you kidding me? A 44-page extensive dress code? While UBS states that detailed guidelines are meant as recommendations as opposed to strict rules, I think I’d still be unnerved if I wanted into work today and was given a list of recommendations how to look, smell, eat and what make up I should wear. Some commenters suggest this isn’t news, and that wait staff and retail workers are given similar recommendations. Sure, many of those jobs have dress codes, uniforms, etc. But if you’ve walked into a mall or ate out recently, you’ll have noticed that the rules aren’t that strict.

Another NPR commenter noted that the guidelines say “Clothing as an essential vector of non-verbal communication”.–and expressed dismay. My Communication students ought to know this is true. I remember one Medaille Media Day where a local newscaster explained how if she changes her hair/clothing, she tends to get a great deal of comments/calls that day. Not on her work, but on her appearance. My favorite was when a viewer told her her hair style was “too distracting.”

Laughable as it all is, isn’t there some truth to this? My mother has told me about interviewing potential employees who wore too much perfume or a shirt a little too low cut. I once interviewed for a job and where during the interview I couldn’t stop staring at the interviewer’s metallic teal eye shadow. It wasn’t that it looked bad, just that it felt out of place. And TLC’s What Not to Wear wouldn’t still be on if how we dressed wasn’t still a social issue.

So, I ask you, where is the line in a dress code?


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It’s not me it’s you

According to Thursday’s Oprah show, men are evil. No wait, what she really said is 1 out of 3 men will cheat (and expressed she felt this number was higher). the audience was full of heterosexual couples (I suppose gay/lesbian couples don’t have cheating issues?) and of course if someone in that couple cheated, it was the man.

We learn from an expert (male, ironically?) that men cheat not because of sex, but because they are lonely. Because they need to feel like they can “win” in relationships. Bet you didn’t know that relationships were about winning and losing instead of partnerships. I won’t even get in to that one.

We’re also told that men need to feel appreciated for the fact that they go to work everyday. Well, so do us women. I go to work everyday! I don’t expect appreciation for doing my job, for being financially responsible. Men feel that it’s taken for granted that they have to go to work every day and we ladies need to tell them “thank you” when they get home. This is of course assuming that we ARE HOME before they get home so we can greet them at the door with our pearls and heels and say “honey, I’m glad you do what you should do as a responsible adult.”

Women have long complained that we work, take care of children, manage the household and whatever else that needs to be done without so much as a glance of acknowledgement. But when a man washes the dishes we’re supposed to praise him. Now we’re being told by one of the biggest cultural influences of our time that we need to continue to pander to his behavoir, to let the analogy of our relationships be that of a fight (winning), all so that he doesn’t cheat?

Disclaimer: If you know me you know I don’t believe all men/women behave this way. But can’t you see how the stereotypes continue to be reinforced?


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By now we’ve all heard about the woman who had octuplets, while already having 6 little ones at home.  Did her doctors do the right thing? Do you agree with what she did? How about the media coverage of the whole event?



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Because I still need “light” content…

With many of you entering the workforce very soon, you might be interested in this article which talked about workplace love contracts…My advice? Be careful who you date at work!

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End women’s suffrage

I can’t decide if this makes me laugh or cry:

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Killing us softly 3

Go here to watch one clip of the video (if you need a review or missed it). Along the side where it lists related videos, there are other clips of the video, so check them out too.

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Marriage bill of rights?

So there’s the Wife’s bill of rights and the Husband’s bill of rights.

Before I bother to comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts!


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