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Sunshine week

Villa Students: It’s unfortunate that we do not have class during Sunshine Week, but you can expect that we’ll be talking about that when we return. What are the implications of wikileaks on Sunshine Laws? How does any of it relate to journalism ethics? Should there be more transparency in localstate, and national government? These are all questions you should be considering and we’ll be discussing when you return from break on March 21.

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Speaking of topics you should be following in the news….

Who here has been following the protests in Wisconsin? There’s chatter that Ohio and Michigan are considering similar moves with their unions…Regardless of where you fall on the issue, the heartwarming part of this is how peaceful the protests, on both sides, have been.

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

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Social Media, Journalism, Egypt

Some of you were unaware of what’s going on. I expect you’ve done some checking up on the issue by now. We’ll be getting to social media later in the semester, but here’s something that talks about how social media is being used in the protests. You can also participate in the protest.

Why is it important that stories like these get coverage? Why should be pay attention to serous new pieces instead of just celebrity lifestyles? Why does it matter? Some expressed last night that they didn’t want to know about these things. So I’m asking you to answer–why should we be paying attention?


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