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A new brand of Feminism

I heard about this on NPR this morning. COM 398-ers what do you think?

If you’ve taken SPE 130 with me you should remember me talking about mythos. Are they using mythos here to persuade these women to join?

What does this say about the state of Islamic women, about the state of global feminism and the impacts of culture?


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Sag this

There is a movement in Dallas to get youth to stop “saggin’. ” This movement brings about a few questions:
1) Is it your right to wear clothes the way you want, or is this racial profiling?
2) Where did sagging come from anyway?

Those organizing the movement in Dallas say that sagging started in prison and indicated that one was sexually available. But according to–a website that aims to dispel Urban Ledgends–this is incorrect. It was really due to prison clothes that didn’t fit properly. You can read more about that argument here.

My question to you: Is sagging a fashion statement or just annoying? If you do it yourself, why?

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