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12 responses to “COM 475

  1. Mindi Smith

    Mindi Smith

  2. Matt Malinowski

    Hello, I’m looking forward to this class and I will see you on thursday.

  3. Mindi Smith

    Class should be fun!

  4. Kimberly Bowen

    I am excited to see what else I can learn about the media.

  5. profsw

    Kimberly, I think that the paper you did at the end of the semester last year (com 300) will have a place in our discussions this year. If you find it’s a topic you want to expand on for assignments in 475 let me know!

  6. Scott Campione

    hey ,
    class seems like it will be good and i have never had you before so i think it will be good

  7. Jenn Piersa

    Hey!I’m excited for this class this semester and cant wait to see what we’re going to talk about.

  8. Scott M

    Oh, hello.

    I’ll be commenting on this site a lot since I’m not a morning person, and I’ll need to get my participation grade somewhere. I’ll use your class for my morning nap time!

    (That was a joke.)

    It’s good to have you as a teacher again!

  9. James

    Class is looking good so far! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the classes bring.

  10. James

    Class is fun so far!

  11. Big Joe

    Hey does anyone have the book I can borrow on Monday afternoon? Mine hasnt come in the mail yet.

  12. melissa

    class looks like its going to be interesting 🙂

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