Thursday’s Class: Nov 10, Com 140

We will be watching a movie that will start promptly at 6pm. Do not come in late. Do not chatter doing the movie or else I’ll just mark you absent, since not paying attention is the equivalent of not being there. You will be writing paper #5 on this movie. It is likely the movie will take the entire time, and since the paper will be due the following week, it is advised that you do not leave early.  It is strongly advised you pay attention to the movie since I will be expecting detailed responses to my questions in your papers.

Feel free to bring snacks, just clean up after yourself!


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Food for thought for paper 4

Explore ‘The Other’ for Halloween: Thoughts and comments on these costumes?

And coming up on TLC: All-American Muslim


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Readings for Nov. 3: Com 140

Social Media Issues:

Reading #1: Is this censorship?

Reading #2: Wikipedia deletes dangerous material.

Reading #3: Alone Together Excerpt, also listen to an interview with the author HERE and read her comments here.

And just for fun…Kutcher and ethics.

Paper 4, in case you missed it, is in this post.


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Harry Potter/Book Banning Readings and Paper 4

Reading # 1 is  Harry Potter and the Public School Library. Reading # 2 is this webpage.  Reading # 3 is this article. Questions on the readings should either be brought to class, e-mailed, or posted here in the comments. I do continue to expect you to bring up your own thoughts/questions that you’ve written in class.

Paper # 4 is available for download HERE.

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Spirit Day

Are you wearing purple? Some of my speech classes have already talked about the issues of cyber-bullying, and I know it’s been brought up in our class as well. No matter your views, the bullying, which has been resulting in young adults taking their lives, needs to stop.


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Com 140: Bandura video

(With sound)

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Com 140: Primer for Media violence discussion

Better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

And because my generation grew up on this artist:

*We will include the role music plays in influencing youth*


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