SPE 330

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9 responses to “SPE 330

  1. Liz Bush

    I found the site ok!

  2. hpatton3

    Ok, I found the web site ok, just wondering if you want comments left here, or on the home page?

  3. Mallory Sutter!!! yayy


    …i found the site ok =)

    hope istanbul was super duper funnn


  4. Susan Wilson

    Found the site!

  5. Lora H

    I found the site I don’t know if you got my first comment or not!!

  6. Katie Kohlmeier

    I almost forgot about this sorry, found the site.

  7. Shanena Brundage :o)

    I found this site and it was easy to get too. I am looking forward to understanding more about group work and communication in different situations.

  8. Carley Hartman

    i found the site finallyyyy!!!

  9. Chris Christina Kim Q

    School Spirit

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