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COM 140: Google, ads, piracy

We will be talking about this article in class, because it’s just so funny who google thinks I am. If you have a google account, what results do you get? Even more interesting: so far every time I’ve checked google has a different answer as to who I am each time.

I don’t know if this affects any of you, but if you use megaupload, what are your thoughts? (If you are also in COM 120–notice the lead? It’s nice a short.)

And this is just for fun:

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An array of links for COM students

Someone sent me this about SOPA and PIPA, language NSFW.

CBS reported Joe PA’s death before it happened. Journalistic standards aside, it makes one wonder if Miss Cleo is working for them. This article gives a nice run down of how the false rumors spread and were debunked.

Are we losing the ability to communicate, thanks to technology? I’ve seen various versions of that article over the years, and we’ll be talking about this topic throughout the semester.


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Com 140: SOPA and PIPA

From Google

From Wikipedia

Other sites that went black.

Follow the links to read more specific information about the acts. What are your thoughts? How might bills such as these impact content on the web? Your careers?


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