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Com 475 Round 2 of essays

Consider it your “midterm.” com-475-due-10-23

Download the document and follow the instructions on there. Any questions, just ask. This is due 10/23/08. If I am feeling generous, it might be all we do, aside from talking about the final project. We’ll see….

And yes, you read that right, final project. It’ll be here before we know it!

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More job hunting info

I will also be writing a post on graduate school, since I know many of you are looking into that. KNOW where you want to apply to and go from there. Go directly to companies website and check out if they are hiring. Allow yourself to be slightly picky when searching and interviewing, don’t feel obligated to just take anything. Otherwise, you’ll quit your first job after 2 weeks because you are that unhappy.

Below are tons of links to help you with this whole process. Also check out a website run by one of your peers, where she provides her resume and writing samples! Enjoy!

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More resume info

Here’s a  Manual on all aspects of the career hunt.

Medaille’s Career Planning lets your login and search for jobs. Many of my friends found jobs through their own colleges this way.

Link to “How to write a bad resume” and he gives examples! And make sure you are aware of using bad lingo.

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Com 475

I sent you all an e-mail to please take a survey for me about having a job hunting/resume workshop. I’m willing to give up class time for it but only if enough people want it. The link is below so if you haven’t taken it, please do!!
Click Here to take survey

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Class for tomorrow (9/25) is canceled. Sorry for the short notice

Save Issue 8 questions and comments for next Tuesday.

And opinion question: would you like me to host a workshop on resume and cover letter writing during your class? I’ll only do it if you want it.


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